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I thought I should share this.

A week ago I was on half-day leave for personal matter and I saw this message popping up on whatsapp from a candidate of mine.
In fact, many times at work I wont have the luxury of time to really coach people on how they can craft their dream career, which allows them to live a fulfiling life.

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I wish I can have more time to really coach and advice people on their job search and career management— which is way beyond editting cv or advising them on how to ace the interview. It is more than just the recruitment process.
It is the journey of self-discovery.

Before I share a little more, allow me to take a step back and first understand together what does “career” really means.
According to Oxford Dictionary, Career refer to an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.
In short, Career is different from just having a job. Its more than that.

I totally understand how my candidate is feeling, which many of us might have experienced it, at some point of time, that they are not sure how their job is bringing them to.
As a specialist recruiter and a headhunter, I am hearing a lot of stories that people may not be really happy at work, yet they stay on. Because they need a job. While the more experienced might say, “What else can I do?… this is what I have been doing…”

Alright. I am hearing you.

It wasn’t a smooth journey for me as well.
I even once doubted myself on why I do what I do.
Then I began to understand… and have found my why.

What’s yours?

Whichever stage you are at, ask yourself,
“What do I really want to do?”

No, I dont mean the answer that makes senses to your parents, to your friends, or to the society.

But what do you really want to do?

Allow yourself to dream.
Dreams foster hope and open our minds to the possibilities.
Ask yourself: “What might I attempt if I knew I could not fail?”

I used to dream to live in a country like New Zealand for months…
I used to dream to cycle around Taiwan by myself…
I used to dream to go for liveaboard trip at Great Barrier Reef for totally free…

And those are no longer my dreams, there were my past experiences.

Next, I want to turn your Dreams into Reality.

Life’s work is your ultimate career.

People often think they oculd achieve their dreams IF ONLY they had more time, more money, or more luck.
Think of all the examples of people who succeed w/o them. So, if it is not time, money, or luck. What is the secret?

If you don’t invest in yourself, who else will?
If you are ready to take a leap into serious transformation, I woul love to hear from you.

Are you ready to grow?

You may fill in the self-assessment form below and let me know if you are keen to be in touch.

If your goals do not move you, if they do not inspire you to action, they are not the right goals. Too many people try to alter themselves to suit their “should” goals.
If your goals doesn’t challenge you.
It won’t change you.

And my goal is to turn Your Dreams into Reality.

Are you ready?

Your #CareerCoach

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