“Crafting The Impressive CV” Workshop

I <3 you all ! crafting the impressive cv workshop

Thanks for even staying back until 10.35pm++ !!!
Thanks all for having me to be in your journey in pursuing your Dream Career.
Thanks to my good friend Nathaddeus for being the Guest Speaker and Bryan for helping me on the setup of the venue, and helping me to take many nice photos n videos.
Thanks VIC for giving me the discounted rate for the venue.
Thanks to Darren Tay, the World Champion of Public Speaking for inspring me to take the first step to conducting this workshop.

Glad to have the opportunity to share with the audiences on the insights from a Recruitment Consultant point of view as well as the part on Career Planning and Management from a Career Coach myself.

Being a NLP Trained Transformational Coach, my dream is to Turn Your Dreams Into Reality, in the area of Career. Wealth. Freedom.

Ultimately, we all want to achieve FREEDOM in life isnt it?
Freedom to do anything you want in life.
Freedom to be who you are.

Of coz we do want to be financially free as well, hence I recommend to the audience on Value Investing College, where you can sign up here, http://goo.gl/5deXzq , pls text me which day you are attending and

I can give you a Special BONUS (only for the attendees of my workshop)
*Special thanks to Sean Seah for the investing community he has build up which allows me to make passive income consistently while pursuing my Dream Career- which is Transforming Lives.
When financially is not a concern anymore, then thats when you can Craft Beyond the Impressive CV, but to Craft Your AMAZING Life Story.

Your LIFE is your ultimate CAREER.
Be Your Own CEO.

If you don’t build your dreams, somebody else will hire you to build theirs.

It was a great catch up with all my friends and I wish I can spend more time with you all.

For all of you who has attended my workshop today, you are entitled for a FREE CV Review!!!
*either thru a phone call or lets catch up over coffee/breakfast*
Would be great if you can apply the 7 Tips and Tricks in Crafting The Impressive CV.

FB Live recorded !

Your Transformational Coach for
Career. Wealth. Freedom

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